Strategic Business Development is technically concerned with the long-term view of the business, such as discovering new markets, increasing the customer base, and developing new and innovative products. In theory, one should always prefer long-term interest over the short term; but practically, a business may not be able to see its long-term if it cannot achieve the short-term objectives.

Having said this, Dental Care Accountants tends to set strategic objectives for the development of your business whilst taking a close look at your short-term perspective, thus ensuring the business’s overall success.

Dental Care Accountants can help you with the following:

  • Fundraising and business plans
  • Emerging Businesses
  • International Businesses
  • Performance Improvement Program


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Fundraising and Business Plans
Every business needs finance to meet its day-to-day expenses and make payments to suppliers and other miscellaneous payments. There are many fundraising options available in the market, but the main problem lies in choosing the best option according to the amount and the term structure of finance. For example, whether to choose short-term or long-term debt, there are further options available in each case, such as an overdraft or fixed loan from the bank. The timing and interest structure of the loan and repayment options are pretty much different.
Firstly, we will learn your funds’ requirements and devise a suitable and effective fundraising plan to meet your financial needs. 

Emerging Businesses
The emergence of businesses into new dimensions induces regulatory changes around the business activity. And the rapid growth in the business and its activities demand that there should be professionals to handle each task with perfection. Care Accountancy will help you with this stage of your business; whether you are a Sole trader or a Limited Company, we can handle every aspect of business accounts with great perfection.

International Businesses
Our team has the potential and experience to handle the accounts of a Group of Companies, whether it is a Parent Company or a subsidiary reporting to the central management. We will take care of all your accounting requirements according to international standards.

Performance Improvement Program
To survive as a business in this fast-changing world, we have to keep pace with continuously changing norms and business environments and adopt these changes as early as possible. Performance improvement starts with current performance, but it is of no use until compared with a suitable benchmark like last year’s performance, budgets or industry standards. After this, we will highlight crucial areas where improvement is needed, which will add to the productivity of the whole organisation.


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We believe in a simple, memorable, and consistent customer journey; therefore, the key determinant of our success lies in client satisfaction and experience. This memorable experience comes through the use of our website, networking, and social media channels. Thus our clients remain engaged with us on a long-term basis.


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We explain our clients' work process, timescales, and responsibilities to eliminate any ambiguity. We promise to deliver and align our processes to these commitments.


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Our entire team is extremely passionate about the requirement of our customers and their well-being. We are extremely thankful to our team for the level of care and service they provide to our clients.


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The strength of our client relationships vests in regular communication with them, whether face to face or virtual. We ensure that our clients trust us and understand us.


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We focus on client relationships who are just not a number for us. Our product range is wide to suit their requirements. More importantly, we are always available to them whenever they need us.

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